Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Restaurant Apps: Mobile Marketing for Restaurants 101 - FAQ's

Restaurant Apps: Mobile Marketing for Restaurants 101 - FAQ's: With the rapid growth of Smartphone use, it’s expected that over 1 billion smartphones will be in use by 2014. The introductions of iPhone...

Mobile Marketing for Restaurants 101 - FAQ's

With the rapid growth of Smartphone use, it’s expected that over 1 billion smartphones will be in use by 2014. The introductions of iPhones and Androids have been changing the role mobile marketing. As a result, the possibilities mobile marketers now face are advancing and are expected to continue development. If you are considering purchasing a mobile campaign, there area a few details your restaurant should know beforehand. Mobile app developers like AppSuite, LLC also take on the duty of educating business owners on the basics of mobile marketing.
The following are the most frequently asked questions by clients interested in a possible mobile marketing campaign:
 What exactly is mobile marketing?
Mobile marketing allows businesses to reach desired customers by giving clients the ability to create, launch and manage their mobile interactions and messaging. Essentially, it is an interactive promotional tool providing customers with an entertaining experience.
 Do customers get irritated with mobile marketing?
Only the users interested in promotional messages will receive them. Customers must opt-in (agree) keeping them in full control of the marketing campaigns they receive.
 Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Website – Which is better?
The first question any business should consider before deciding is, “What do my customers want?” Customers should come first in the eyes of every business so scoping out the demographics of your customer base is recommended.  A growing number of restaurants are choosing mobile apps over mobile-friendly websites due to its ease of use (for both customer and business owners), engaging features and most importantly its ability to function optimally without Internet connectivity. Check out our article, “Mobile App vs. Mobile Website – Which is Better for my Restaurant?” to learn more on the advantages and disadvantages of mobile apps vs. mobile websites.
 Is mobile marketing more cost-friendly?
Not only is mobile marketing more cost-friendly than other forms of advertising or marketing but also it is more cost-efficient. With traditional forms of marketing many businesses do not see any return to their investment. Business owners can view and manage app users allowing them to see their return on investment in full-effect. Moreover, placing a full-page ad in the local newspaper may cost up to $1000! Sure, newspaper, magazines and direct mail campaigns reach large numbers of people, but are they reaching your restaurant’s target market?
 Is mobile marketing time-consuming?
In the past, mobile marketing has been extremely time-consuming. Now, mobile marketing developers have solved this problem by providing business owners with a simple, easy-to-use platform where they can manage and view reports in real-time on any mobile marketing campaign they currently have in effect. For example, AppSuite’s CafĂ©’ App product provides a restaurateur with a complete set of features to showcase the restaurants menu and facilities. Menu categories are customizable with easy access to a web based back-end interface.
 How do I find out if mobile marketing is for my restaurant?
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