Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Groupon: Good or Bad for Business?

Groupon actually doesn't help build loyal customer 

Some major challenges that restaurant owners and bar and night club owners face is how to get customers to come back. The key isn't that one time coupon that you offered local consumers, however the value you are giving the customer to stay engaged with your business.  With AppSuite  the main goal is to give your customers a compelling reason to keep coming back. What drives the patrons?

Using Groupon to promote your business one time just isn't good enough! The people who spend time on sites and apps like this are there for one reason; to stay updated with discounts overall. Joel Cohen of  stated, "buying coupon programs and restaurants participating in them feed the addiction of coupon clippers, who hop from one restaurant to another,” says Joel Cohen of, a leading consulting website for the food service industry. “I’ve definitely heard more horror stories than success stories.” -

Again...What really drives patrons?

Customers want to be actively engaged with your business. Having a custom app allows the consumer to get all the information about your business at their fingertips! Using AppSuite, they provide many rich features that allow for consumers to see specials, claim offers and receive push notifications. They also provide loyalty programs to keep customers rewarded for coming in and using the app. Why waste money trying to get someone in one time when you can give them a tool to keep coming back?

To speak with an AppSuite representative simply click the live help now button to begin a chat. For a demo on how to build that repeat customer base and build loyalty click here!

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